Service, Maintenance and Service Agreements

Nordic Furnaces's experienced service technicians are called out for corrective service and planned preventive maintenance

Our customers are operating more or less round the clock. Time pressure and delivery guarantees are part of the process. All parts of the industrial sector are interlinked, like cogs in a wheel. Someone manufactures a component that forms a vital part of someone else’s product. This affects both our business and our customers’ business.

Our customers’ furnaces are in continual operation, making accessibility a key factor. There is simply no time to bring one cog in the wheel to a halt. To avoid this, preventive maintenance and repairs must be carried out. Even our products need the occasional seeing to to ensure that our customers can carry on with business as normal.

Our service agreements are there to allow easy access and to maintain a high level of productivity. By signing a service agreement,the customer can schedule their production stops. Our service agreements ensure that service reports are produced after each service, thus giving the customers a grepp om what needs to be done and what spare parts need to be stored to avoid unplanned downtime. During the planned maintenance operation THE entire equipment is inspected, cleaned and lubricated. The frequency of repairs is determined by usage levels and processing type, for example. Our experience and the customer’s requirements determine when repairs should be carried out.

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Service & Spare Parts

Martin Strandberg
Sales Engineer
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Daniel Gelin
Sales Engineer
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Åke Carlsson
Spare parts sales
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Lars Velander
Sales Engineer
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Jan Wikström
Sales Engineer
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Jani Martinsson
Sales Manager
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Mattias Roos
Manager - Service and Production
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