Modernizations and renovations of industrial furnaces

Our team can give you advice on how to modernize and revamp existing furnaces when the needs call for it. This could be for example demands on temperature uniformity, change of charge size and capacity, environmental requirements and other technical improvements as well as a desire to minimize the costs.

We can help you solve problems of both mechanical and process engineering nature on a consultancy basis. We can conduct surveys of existing furnaces and propose minor renovations or a total modernization to increase safety and capacity and we can propose the necessary energy and environmental improvements in accordance with applicable directives and standards.


Our own development of modern industrial furnace projects, our innovative engineers and our participation in industry organization research give us access to the latest know-how in the industry. This is used in the modernization of existing production equipment, for example through automation or modifications in the form of process optimization.

Our experience and expertise enables us to propose the heating technology that is optimal for you and suggest burner types and element types that provide the most energy-and cost-effective solution. The investment is often quickly paid back thanks to reduced heating costs and shorter process times, while the requirements of machinery safety and the environment is also fulfilled. New energy-efficient burners also reduce NOx emissions.

Protective Gas Technology

We can offer our professional expertise when it comes to protective gas, both in terms of a specific production case, when some properties are desired, and the training of your operational staff in process technology. We are happy to share our knowledge of heat treatment and give you advice on choice of materials, suitable methods and equipment as well as make calculations of production costs. Our goal is to assist you in the best possible way.

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